The best Medicare supplement plan for you depends on your medical needs and the cost of the plan.

You should determine the supplement plan with the best benefits and also fills in the coverage gaps where you expect to spend the most money for your health care.

For example, in 2021, the Medicare Part A deductible is $1,484.  Some Medicare supplement policies, such as Plan A, provide no coverage for this deductible.  However,  if you select Plan G, the entire $1,484 deductible would be covered by your plan.  Of course, Plan G will cost more monthly premium.

For this reason, you should work with a local Medicare broker to carefully consider what each Medigap plan covers and costs.

Why choose a Medicare Supplement plan?

  1. You can go directly to any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare anywhere in the United States. Simply, it is a better than a PPO plan.
  2. Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap) help you pay some of the healthcare costs that Original Medicare does not cover such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.
  3. You do not need to file medical claim forms. Your doctor’s office or hospital will bill the insurance carrier directly.  It is easy.
  4. Many different supplemental plans are designed to fit your healthcare needs and budget.

What Makes Blue Shield’s Medicare Plans Unique?

Along with the affordable rates in California, with a Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plan, you will also have a number of opportunities to save on your monthly plan dues through their savings programs.

  • Household Saving

You can save up to $168 per year when you and your spouse are both enrolled.  You save about 7% off your combined individual plan rates when you and another member of your household enroll in the same plan type through our Household Savings Program.

  • AutoPay Savings

You can save $3 a month when you enroll in AutoPay. You can have your monthly dues automatically deducted from your checking or savings account.  This way, you never miss a payment.

  • Dental Savings

You can save $3 a month for the first six months on your dental plan rates when you enroll in one of Blue Shield’s dental plans at the same time you enroll in your Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plan.

  • Welcome to Medicare Rate Savings

Are you new to Medicare Part B?  If yes, you save $300 during your first year.  In other words, you save $25 a month for 12 months through Blue Shield’s Welcome to Medicare Rate Savings program.

  • SilverSneakers Fitness and Wellness Programs

SilverSneakers is your fitness and wellbeing benefit included with your Blue Shield of California health plan at no additional cost.
The benefit includes access to fitness and wellness tools such as on-demand video classes.

Additionally, the benefit offers other resources, including access to thousands of participating locations nationwide,1 online classes and workshops taught by trained instructors, over 200+ On-Demand prerecorded videos covering nutrition and fitness, and more.

  • Nurse Help 24/7

When you have a minor medical concern, you do not have to wait for the doctor’s office to open.
Nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  1. One toll-free call puts you in touch with a registered nurse who will listen to your concerns and help you.
  2. Internet users can use our secure online instant messaging service, if preferred.

Sometimes just knowing you have someone to talk to makes a big difference.

Do You Need Help with Finding the Best Medicare Supplement plan?

Skyline Benefit is an independent Medicare agency with the expertise in Medicare supplement plans.

Your relationship with Skyline Benefit does not end at the enrollment or sale.  Instead, we will be an advocate for you in many years to come, helping you address concerns with your Medicare supplement insurance.

We can help you review your healthcare coverage needs annually so that, as time goes by, you will continue to have the best Medicare supplement plan for any changing needs.

If you need assistance with Medicare supplement plans, give us a call at (714) 888-5116 or you can also book a virtual appointment.