Covered California has recently announced its 2022 open-enrollment period. Californians can sign up or renew their health coverage through the Affordable Care Act.

If you are looking for the “Covered California Open Enrollment Period”, visit the official website for more information. According to Covered California officials, many people have not insured their names (almost 3,000 Central Coast residents). If you haven’t enrolled your name and want to know more about Covered California, dive deep into the blog to gain more insight on the topic.

Covered California Open Enrollment: Get Something New This Year!

For those insuring their names in Covered California health insurance in 2022, there is something new to accumulate this year. “In 2021, Congress passed something called the American Rescue Plan which added substantial new subsidies and changed the game. So 2022 is a full year of coverage under those new rules,” said Peter Lee, Covered California Executive Director.

You will receive a financial subsidy that covers and pays for health insurance. In California, more than 70% of consumers get subsidies and earn health coverage less than $10 per month.

Are you worried that you can’t afford health insurance? Kindly Check again! The American Rescue Plan offers financial help for middle-income consumers. These people were previously ineligible for federal assistance. So, if your family earns more than $100,000 a year, you people are eligible for financial help. “The American Rescue Plan is bigger than ever. Now isn’t the time to go without health insurance,” Lee added.

How To Sign Up For Covered California Open Enrollment?

It’s all over the social media pages, even on Twitter. However, one of the simple ways to do that is to sign up online. It needs your name, zip code, and information on how much money you earn every year.

Other ways include going in person to the local health agency, or you can contact via phone for Covered California Open Enrollment.

“We are quadrupling the number of navigators. The people who help you understand what the plans offer and which one to select,” said Xavier Becerra (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary.)

If you are someone new and know nothing about Covered California Open Enrollment, you can take our help for the best. The experts here will help you in and out with health insurance plans.

However, navigators are there to help regarding multiple languages including, English, Spanish, Hindi, and Korean. Moreover, the individual can control what insurance plan and provider suits them, their family, and their job.
“It’s you in the driver’s seat. You pick which plan you want, and within that plan, you pick what benefits you want,” Lee added.

However, Covered California open enrollment plans will be 30 days long. And, it has already begun from November 1 and will continue till January 31. It’s going to end soon, so hurry up and grab the opportunity as early as possible.

What To Do If I Miss The Covered California Open Enrollment Period?

If you miss the enrollment date, you might have to wait until the next opening – but there are some exceptions as well. Yes, it’s good news.

When you go through a major life change, you can apply for health insurance with Covered California under Special Enrollment. You can get the facility only if you have lost your current health insurance, have a baby, or getting married.

Ways to Qualify for Covered California Special Enrollment

Moved: If you have relocated to California from out of state, you will qualify for special enrollment. You can collect more information on Facebook.

Just Married: Have you recently married or entered into a domestic partnership? One or both members can sign for Covered California Open Enrollment.

New Child: The birth or adoption of a child, or receiving a child through foster care, can assign special enrollment for the entire family.

A more specific list of qualifying life events include:

  • Returning from active duty military service
  • Gaining citizenship or permanent legal residency

Summing Up

You can visit Covered California to understand your health insurance options. You can also contact our insurance brokers to help you with Covered California Open Enrollment, or visit Pinterest. Wherever inquiry you have, Skyline Benefit Insurance Solutions is always here to help you!