You probably have heard of Medicare agencies while dealing with health insurance, or many may suggest you contact an Independent Medicare Agency. But, many people have a misconception that the agents will help you reach a company, whereas the truth is different. The independent agents contract with multiple insurance carriers, which means your Medicare agent can help you find the best plan.

As a trusted independent health insurance agency, we have met numerous people looking for a new health insurance plan. And it becomes more vital when it comes to Medicare though the situation will vary based on the type of Medicare you want. However, the details can still make the process differ if you choose to go with our independent agents. In this blog, we will be discussing all of the distinctions to make you understand what to expect when you deal with an insurance agent for Medicare. You may also have a visit our Facebook page to get more details.

Medicare Options Where You Do Not Need Insurance Agency Services

Are you planning to enroll in Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B)? If yes, you do not need to use an insurance agent. There is no chance to use an insurance agent when Medicare is only available from the federal government.

Medicare Options Using Independent Medicare Agency Services

Here you will know the Medicare options that need a trusted Independent Medicare Agency and its services. These are-

Part C: Medicare Advantage

Generally, Medicare Advantage is one of the most common types of insurance that gets sold through insurance agents. Many people call Medicare Advantage plans part C plans. It is a way of getting your healthcare coverage through a private plan. This part will cover the same things that Medicare Part A and Part B cover.

Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

Part D plan might be available for you through the involvement of your agents only when you have Original Medicare and are also enrolling in a prescription drug plan (PDP). The Part D plans get sold by private insurance companies. So you have to contact them to enjoy the benefits of this plan.

However, many Part C plans come with prescription drug plans bundled, and some do not. In this case, you may ask the agents if your insurance packages come with a PDP or not. If not, it can be possible to get Part C from one company and Part D from another.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medigap Plans, also known as Medicare Supplement plans, cover out-of-pocket costs under Medicare. These will help you pay things like your coinsurance fees and deductibles that are not available for ordinary health insurance plans. In this case, as trusted independent agents, we can sell these plans to you because they are also sold by private insurance companies.

However, you will get two types of agents or agencies in the market. Sometimes, people feel confused about finding the best one among them. Hopefully, the following comparisons will help you in this case. So, without wasting your time, go through the following points.

Captive Agents VS Independent Medicare Agency

The conflict between a captive agent and an Independent Medicare Agency is not new. But there are still many people who get confused while choosing the best agents for their purposes.

Though both agents can be licensed, their work is not the same. Roughly speaking, the captive agents work for only one company. On the other hand, independent agents can work with a variety of insurance companies, and this option makes the independent agents more reliable and efficient than the captive ones. Therefore, you can understand the entire procedure more comprehensively.

When to Look for an Agency?

You may start looking for an agent when you know that you want a Medicare plan available through an agent — like a Part C or Part D plan. Generally, the agents become overwhelmed during and shortly before primary enrollment periods, like the Open Enrollment Period. So, it will be easier if you can use their services outside of this period. However, our agents are always available for you. Visit our Pinterest page to acquire more information.

But if you have already determined to have Part C or Part D insurance before your Initial Enrollment Period, contact us during that time. It is more likely that we will be available to devote more time to your needs because Initial Enrollment varies from person to person. If you still have any queries regarding this, you must contact us.

In a Nutshell

So, when you have enough knowledge on this topic and cleared all your doubts, feel free to contact our Independent Medicare Agency. Our highly experienced agents will help you throughout the process. You may also check out our Instagram page for more details or consider reading a few more blogs.