When you shop for health insurance for your family or business, you cannot just leave your decision to anyone.  With many health insurance plans and coverage levels through Covered California, shopping for a new policy can be confusing and complicated.

Probably, finding a reputable health insurance agent could be the most important step of all.  Covered California certified agents help with your initial application and renewals, and they represent Covered California’s insurance plans and benefits.  After all, they work for you.  They are independent of Covered California and insurance carriers.

There are 4 reasons why you want to work with a Covered California certified agent.

Licensed Professionals

Covered California insurance agents are a licensed and certified professional.  A licensed agent has many legal and moral obligations for consumers.  They act ethically and work  in your best interest.  Many states require insurance agents to pass a licensing exam in order to sell health insurance.  Also they need to renew their licenses every few years with continuing education.

You can verify that your Covered California agent is properly licensed at the California Department of Insurance website.

Also, Covered California agents undergo a certification process annually.  They need to comply with Covered California’s Agent Code of Conduct and to maintain certification with Covered California.

Choice of Health Plan

Because your Covered California agents are independent of insurance carriers, they represent multiple insurance companies with many different health plans.

They can obtain quotes on your behalf from all of the insurance companies participating in Covered California.

Insurance plans offered by one insurance company may differ in price, provider network and scope of coverage from those offered by another.

Your agent can help you compare insurance plans and choose the one that best suits your medical and financial needs.

Independent agents are familiar with the insurance companies they represent.  Your agent’s knowledge of Covered California‘s eligibility requirements, insurance provider network and plan benefits can save you time and effort.

You do not need to waste time completing applications incorrectly, and they will assist you with filling out and submitting your application to Covered California.  If your agent is not sure whether you qualify for Covered California’s advance premium tax credits, he or she can ask Covered California directly before submitting an application.

It is important to choose an agent who is knowledgeable about your local provider and hospital network and health plans.

Personalized Customer Service

Agents are trained in risk assessment.  Your agent can review your medical needs and help you identify the best insurance company and health plan for you.

Insurance is also a people business.  When you meet with an agent in person, you develop a personal relationship with him or her.  Over time, your agent will become more familiar with you and your family and will be able to provide more personalized service.  Also, your agent is there for you even after you buy a new health insurance plan. Your agent can help you re-shop each year during the open enrollment period, or whenever big life changes happen and you need to update your income or coverage.

Free Assistance

You do not have to pay a fee to use your Covered California agent.

Instead, your agent earns money through commissions paid directly by the health insurance company.

Your health insurance never costs more just because you choose to buy it with an agent.  When you understand the benefits of shopping with a Covered California agent at no additional cost,  it is the smart way to go.

Need a Covered California Certified Agent?

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