Oscar health insurance has always claimed to provide better health care, better plans, and a better experience for the members. Now, a question may arise… are they telling you the truth? Obviously, this will depend on who you’re comparing them to.

oscar insurance

So, let’s discuss some bold claims made by Oscar insurance professionals if they are true or not.

  • Better Health Care
  • Better Plans
  • Better Experience

No. 1 in Customer Assistance Technology

Experts rank Oscar as the no. 1 when it comes to customer-service technology. Their user experience on the smartphone app and on the web is quite simple, intuitive, and incredible. In order to know more in this regard, you can visit our Facebook page.

Does Oscar Actually Have Greater Health Insurance Plans?

Their medical coverage has copays, deductibles, pricing for hospital/doctor visits, coinsurance, etc. just like everybody else. So, when it’s about the basic advantages, in several ways they’re like other health plans, good and effective.

However, they’re known to shine in 2 principal areas:

  1. Bells and whistles
  2. User-friendliness

What does the health plan cover? If you are an Oscar Health Care member, most probably you know. Oscar is great at communicating with its members regarding insurance coverage benefits in a manner that is quite easy to understand.

They make use of simple language. They’ve great design and a lot of white space. You can easily find what you need. And, when you’ll find it, you know that it makes sense.

In addition, they provide some other bells & whistles that some other plans don’t. They include free doctor phone calls, free doctors’ visits, free routine & preventative care, and free generic drugs. We mentioned these and other important information like this in our Instagram profile.

What About Their Quality of Health Care Services?

Now, we are talking about specialists, doctors, emergency, hospitals, urgent care, etc.

Several medical groups and doctors offered by Oscar are almost the same as you’d get with a Blue Shield or an Anthem Blue Cross of California health plan. It is the same deal.

However, Oscar insurance aims to improve your health care by offering you extremely simple tools which will help you easily and quickly find the health care services you want.

Final Thought

So, now you know the claims of Oscar insurance professionals were true to a great extent. Now, you can decide if you want to take advantage of their plans.