Health insurance can be really complex for many buyers. With several plans and options offering a wide range of coverage at varying prices, choosing one becomes even more difficult. While everyone is talking about Blue Shield Medicare Plans, it’s important you understand them clearly before going for one. Get answers to a few common questions and you would be able to simplify things a bit:

Does the coverage include doctor, clinic and hospital?

Health insurance plans are mostly network based. The network includes doctors, clinics and hospitals as well as other healthcare professionals and facilities. Providers in the plan network offer the maximum benefit.

What about the ongoing medical needs?

It is best to talk to the agent about the coverage you will need for your treatment that you will start or continue in the future. Find out about the coverage options when you need them.

Coverage while traveling?

Some health plans do have networks that offer coverage outside the city of residence. Talk to the agent about Blue Shield Medicare Plans and their coverage while traveling.

Coverage for prescription drugs and pharmacy?

Prescription drugs coverage varies by different health plans. Some plans may even have a copay or coinsurance for covered medicines – it means a part of payment will be covered by the plan and the rest will be paid by you. Check the plan for prescription drug coverage (if you are already taking them under a treatment).

Plans also include pharmacies where you can fill prescriptions. Going to a pharmacy outside the network will make you pay more.

Support of a certified agent

Making a choice becomes easier with a certified Blue Shield Medicare agent. Get in touch with the team at Skyline Benefit Insurance Solutions to find out more about the available options, coverage and benefits with Blue Shield Medicare plans.