When shopping for health insurance for your family or business, you cannot leave your decision to just anyone. Finding a reputable and qualified health insurance agent could be the most important element of all.  Covered California certified agents represent Covered California’s insurance plans but after all, they work for you. Independent of insurance carriers, they advocate on your behalf to find the most suitable health insurance for your medical and financial needs.

We have the following 4 tips to help you choose the right Covered California certified agent:

  1. Ask for referrals and review references

This is a great place to start. Ask friends or family members if they are satisfied with their Covered California agent. Checking customer reviews at Yelp or Google, and the Better Business Bureau is a great resource. You can also find certified agents or storefront agencies near you thru Covered California’s website, www.coveredca.com

  1. Determine the proper benefits and price points

Once you have identified a few local insurance agents to contact, consider what type of benefits and plans you need. Have some specifics such as deductibles, copays, and monthly budget you are looking for, and get your immigration and income info ready before scheduling an appointment. It is okay that you do not need to be 100% sure of everything.  An experienced insurance agent will be able to review your info and recommend the type of coverage you need and the insurance premium you can expect.

  1. Price is just one element but consider the overall fit.

The same approach you may take for choosing a doctor or dentist can be applied to selecting your Covered California insurance agent. You want your insurance agent with a good manner and professional etiquette. Your agent should be easily accessible and willing to assist you honestly and professionally.  In fact, here at Skyline Benefit Insurance, our process is always easy and pain-free for our clients.  Remember, your Covered California certified agent works for you, so be sure you feel comfortable with them.

  1. Ask for personalized advice.

A great insurance agent will provide you with ample resources to keep you abreast of everything related to your insurance policy and how your healthcare may be affected. A reputable Covered California certified agent should be familiar with the different types of coverages and plans offered by Covered California.

Best Covered California Agent in Orange County

Skyline Benefit is a Covered California official storefront and certified agency in Orange County.  Our agents can go over your medical needs and budget and help you choose the best insurance plan through Covered California.  You can click here for an instant quote or contact us at (714) 888-5116.