The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people live and work. Not only it has affected many lives globally, but has also caused serious threat to economy. As preventive measures, many business operations and markets are closed. People are advised to stay home and follow social distancing as well as personal hygiene. Evidently, people have lost their jobs and the employee-sponsored benefits.Besides several other things, health and related issues are of major concerns amid this coronavirus pandemic and financial crisis. But there’s Covered California helping people stay protected and healthy. Those who are off work and lost health insurance benefits can seek help from Covered California.  You can still sign up and get health coverage until July 31, 2020.

So, people have an important reason to search for ‘Covered California near me’ on search engines to get access to health care needs. This move is actually helpful for many people and intends to cover as many people as possible so that no one is left behind in receiving quality health services.

Everyone is aware of the current situation that has changed the entire world and still giving tough times to governments to manage the crisis. To keep things under control, governments around the world have ordered to shut down the business and California is not an exception. Companies in the service industry are highly affected and in the process of mass layoffs to deal with the bleeding economy. So, Covered California in collaboration with the Department of Health Care Services allows people to sign up for coverage through June 30, 2020. Anyone meeting eligibility requirements which have been kept alike to annual open-enrollment period, can apply for coverage.

People signing up through Covered California will be able to take advantage of private health insurance plans with lowered monthly premiums. The reduction in premium has been approved to comply with the federal and new state financial help norms effective during Covid-19 pandemic for 2020. Some very low income consumers may even be eligible to receive no-cost or low-cost coverage under certain terms and conditions.

Covered California is taking necessary steps to ensure people have access to high-quality health care when they need it the most. Look for ‘Covered California near me’ to gain access to health care services even during the difficult times.