Random dental conditions are preventable. But brushing, flossing, and cleansing your mouth alone is rarely enough. Regular dental visits maintain good hygiene and oral care, and opting for dental insurance will minimize the service cost. Whether the dental coverage protects young children from tooth decay or adults from chronic circumstances, opting for Covered California dental plans will reduce expenses.


The necessity for dental or orthodontic work done feels like a burden when you lack dental coverage. Here we will discuss the dental plans that will help you buy the right dental health insurance policy for your family, you, and your small business.

Finding Dental Coverage through Covered California

Health plans bought through the Covered California Health Exchange automatically include pediatric dental advantages for children up to age 18. Many plans that are available off the Exchange also provide pediatric dental insurance. Adults receive dental coverage in California by buying it as a supplement for their health insurance plan or on a stand-alone demand, respectively. “It’s not too late to get health insurance. If you’ve recently had a major life event, you can apply for coverage through Covered California.” – the promise of Covered California plans. You can also collect more information about the Covered California dental plans by visiting Twitter and their official website.

An exception is when dental insurance works as a supplement for a health plan that an employer purchases for his business. Small business dental plans sometimes offer more benefits and orthodontia coverage. Besides, it’s less expensive compared to others. Contact us and receive professional guidance from our health insurance agent or certified brokers, to find dental coverage.

Here are some standard terms used while speaking about dental insurance. Getting acquainted will help you understand Covered California dental insurance policies and choose the right one for you.

1. Deductible

A deductible is an amount you will have to pay out of pocket before the dental coverage kicks in. Traditionally, a deductible is not applicable for services for routine dental cleaning and X-rays. Sometimes, dental services may not include deductibles and can get more expensive.

2. Copayment / Coinsurance

If you satisfy the deductible, the insurance company pays a portion of the bill. The patient’s portion of the bill is known as “copayment” if it’s a fixed dollar amount. It’s known as “coinsurance” when paid in a percentage of the bill. Depending on the level of dental coverage and after performing the exact procedures, the patient’s dental visits can range anywhere from 20% to 50% of the final bill.

3. Yearly Maximum

Another big term to remember is the “maximum” on each dental policy. It means an insurance company will pay a maximum fixed amount in a calendar year. “Usually, the more expensive the policy is, the higher the yearly maximum will be. Once a patient reaches the yearly maximum, the patient will be responsible for 100% of any remaining charges.” – says the professional broker.

However, some of the richer plans don’t include yearly plans.

Basic Types of Dental Coverage Plans

There are two types of dental coverage in California:

  • DMO (Dental Maintenance Organization)

It’s the type of plan applicable for HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). Here you will receive services from a primary dental physician that coordinates dental care and refers you to a specialist.

  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) or PDN (Participating Dental Network)

With PPO or PDN plans, you can choose the dentist you want and the dental coverage. As an option, patients in this type of plan can also consider networked dentists and pay lower fees for assistance.

The Covered California dental programs are beneficial for the people living there. It ensures the plan you choose for family or individual dental insurance in California says what you will receive. Moreover, it allows you to select a plan suiting your needs depending on value, network, quality, and more.

The key benefits of covered California dental plans include:

  • You receive services for root crowns and root canals.
  • The diagnostic services include x-rays and exams.
  • Preventive dental care such as cleaners and sealants.

To enjoy the benefits of both embedded and supplemental dental insurance at low rates, you must opt for Covered California dental plans as early as possible. Give us a call now to request a quote or visit our social media pages including Facebook, for further relevant information.