Having a financial backbone during medical issues means a lot. But misfortune and medical problems never come knocking at your door. It is why keeping yourself prepared for such a situation is significant. In this regard, the government of California has launched Covered California.

Unfortunately, not everyone can deliberately get the benefits of this health insurance package. In this case, you may contact our independent health insurance agent keen to make you understand the ins and outs of this plan. So, if you want to get covered by this plan, you must meet the specific criteria. One of those is income limits. This blog is all about this subject, so you do not make any mistakes while going for this insurance plan.

Explore the Covered California Income Limits

The income limits for this health insurance plan require consumers to have a household income that ranges from 0% to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) if one wants to apply for assistance on government health insurance coverage .

When you enroll in health insurance in California through the Obamacare Health Exchange, you may qualify for up-front tax credits based on your household income. Keep this note in your mind that free health insurance plans will be available in 2022.

Obamacare or Covered California Income Guidelines Based on the Federal Poverty Level

According to Covered California salary restrictions and income guidelines, one individual earning less than $47,520 per year or a family of four earning wages less than $97,200 per year will be eligible for government assistance depending on their salary scale. Additionally, a greater amount of government assistance is available to the family with lower household net income. Always remember that tax deductions can lower your income level. If you want to get further details regarding this plan, visit our Instagram page.

Government Programs and Assistance Depending on the Income Ranges

For adults, the following restrictions apply to the plan:

  1. 0% – 138% of FPL: You can apply for Medi-Cal.
  2. > 138% – 400% of FPL: You qualify for a subsidy on a Covered California plan.
  • > 138% to 150%: You may also go for the Silver Enhanced 94 Plan.
  • > 150% to 200%: You qualify for the Silver Enhanced 87 Plan.
  • > 200% to 250%: You apply for the Silver Enhanced 73 Plan.

Obamacare Income Limits During Pregnancy

Under the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, all marketplace and Medicaid plans must provide coverage for pregnancy and childbirth. Even if you’re already pregnant, you can apply for pregnancy coverage. You must consider having Covered California coverage when planning on having a baby. Do you want to know the reasons? Read the following!

  • Easy to Get Parental Care

You probably know that pregnant women need regular checkups during the procedure to track their progress and detect any issues. It is because identifying problems with the pregnancy at the initial stage helps ensure the health and safety of you and your baby. And this plan and our agents will benefit you overall. For better understanding, visit our Twitter page.

  • Makes the Delivery Affordable

Everyone probably knows that in the U.S., medical professionals demand one of the highest costs for delivery and maternity care globally. Depending on your income and healthcare coverage, while you might have to pay something out-of-pocket, insurance facilities may reduce the cost of delivery considerably.

  • Access to Emergency Care

Everyone wishes for a healthy pregnancy. But, complications can occur. But, getting access to emergency treatment and care will minimize the risks and help save you and the baby.

The Correct Way to Provide Proof of Income

You have to prepare your documents proof like pay stubs, bank statements, and so on while verifying your household income threshold. Remember, you may lose your Obamacare subsidy or health care coverage if you fail to provide proof of income.

The following proofs are acceptable to prove the authenticity of your statement and claim-

  • A pay stub
  • A bank statement
  • A tax return
  • Your W-2

Wrapping Up

So, if you ever want to get thorough guidance from our agents while applying for Covered California or looking for detailed information on health insurance plans, contact us. Consider checking out our Facebook page for the latest updates.