If you are looking for one of the most cost-effective health insurance plans, you have hit the right place. In this case, you may go for Covered California plans. These plans are subsidies offered by the Government. Also, you can get a sizable discount on your premium if your income is below a certain amount. In short, these plans are the most affordable options for many Californians.

Covered California Plans

Do you know that these plans meet Obamacare requirements? Yes! It is true! Also, they cover essential benefits like preventative services, prescription drug coverage, and maternity and newborn care. So, be it for the bare minimum or comprehensive coverage- Covered California has a plan for you. But you have to meet specific requirements to have the benefits. Let’s know about them!

The Eligibility to Get Benefits of Covered California Plans

Covered California requires several criteria to get the benefits of this plan. So, read the following points to know who can qualify for the plans. They are-

  • U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals
  • Green card holders (permanent residents)
  • People running away from persecution (asylees and refugees)
  • Temporary residents (The alien who seeks transitory entry to the United States for a specific purpose.)
  • Humanitarian immigrants with temporary protected status
  • Non-immigrants (workers and student visas)

However, as an undocumented resident of the United States, you are under no obligation to get health coverage. Also, you cannot qualify to enroll in Obamacare. But, you can choose private health insurance plans outside of the California health insurance exchange.

Types of Plans You Can Have from Covered California

You probably do not know that Covered California plans come in four metal tiers, and all of them have different costs for premiums and services. Let’s explore them individually!

Bronze Plan

Bronze plans typically have the cheapest monthly insurance premiums compared to the other three ones Covered California provides. However, this plan tends to have the highest out-of-pocket costs and deductibles when using health insurance. Here, you will have an exemption from 60% of your health care costs.

Silver Plan

Silver plans demand affordable monthly insurance premiums. However, you may have to pay their out-of-pocket costs, which are still more expensive than a Gold or Platinum plan. Specifically, you will get 70% off on your medical expenses. So, hopefully, you have understood how beneficial this plan will be for you.

Gold Plan

Though Gold plans have higher monthly insurance premiums than Bronze and Silver plans, they have lower out-of-pocket costs when using medical services. This plan will pay 80% of medical expenses while you have to pay for the remaining 20% with your premium.

Platinum Plan

The Platinum plans have the highest monthly insurance and the lowest out-of-pocket costs. With these plans, you have to bear the 10% charge of all medical expenses, while the insurance package will be responsible for the remaining 90%. This platinum plan is essential for people seeking a high level of medical care. Visit our Facebook page for more info.

Necessary Documents to Submit for Covered California Plans

The qualifying people willing to have the benefits of Covered California Plans need to show proof of lawful presence. Family members not included in these plans do not need to prove their presence. You can rest assured knowing that the documents and information provided by you will not get used for any purpose other than to confirm eligibility.

Well! While applying for this coverage, you have to submit the following information on your application:

Necessary documents to verify U.S. citizenship or lawful immigration status

  • Details of the family members who need health coverage
  • Social security information
  • Income proof
  • Federal tax details
  • Mailing address

However, if you have any further queries on this topic, you may visit our Twitter page and get more details.

In a Nutshell

When you have understood every aspect of Covered California Plans, you need the best professionals to help you to choose the best package and guide you on the right path. In this case, you may rely on us. Our sincere and experienced professionals will be there with you throughout the journey. To get more details, you may visit our Instagram page now and read a few more blogs to get a clearer view of health insurance.