If your life is just the same as it was last year, consider keeping the Oscar insurance you already own. But, if some or a lot of things have changed, save more money by choosing another Oscar insurance. There are different types of Oscar plans named Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum making it easy to compare the options.

oscar insurance

Every plan offers different coverages and one can be better suitable to your necessities depending on the circumstances. It’s an amazing idea to get a moment to review any personal changes that may occur throughout the year to observe if you’re willing to switch to a different coverage.

Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself when finding out if you should change your plan:

Which Oscar Health Insurance Plan Is Correct For You?

Which box are you checking?

Are you divorced? Are you single? Or, married? Oscar insurance offers family plans to people who are married or in a domestic partnership. Lately, if you are married, you can be interested in enrolling in a health plan with your partner. You can definitely go for it by choosing your suitable plan.

What’s your bank account balance?

Whether your new business is in progress or you are seeking a job, changes in finances can impact which plan will be most suitable for you. Depending on how much you are expecting to be paid this year, you can be entitled to one or more than one type of financial aid to make your insurance inexpensive. You can get in touch with a guide to enrollment, or get a quotation to see if you’re entitled to financial assistance. If you are not entitled to monetary help, save cash and time by registering with Oscar directly.

Do you have a milestone birthday?

Anybody over the age of eighteen can buy their own health insurance plan. However, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made it feasible for kids to remain on the plan with their parents until they turn twenty-six. If you are turning 26 and presently covered under the plan of your parents, you will need to sign up for insurance of your own.

Members who’re under thirty and are healthy sometimes choose a catastrophic plan. This has the lowest premium in a month.

Closing Thoughts

Are you still not sure which Oscar insurance plan will be best for you? You can talk to our professionals. They’ll be happy to walk you through your options. And, if you want to know some more information about our company, visit our Instagram page.