Health Net Insurance Company, also known as Ambetter, is a California-based healthcare provider offering comprehensive health plans for individuals, families, businesses, and those qualifying for Medi-Cal or Medicare. With 90,000 network providers, the company serves 3 million members across the state. It collaborates with local organizations to promote healthy lifestyles and combat poverty and violence. Did you know a three-day hospital stay can cost $30,000? That’s why investing in a good health coverage plan is essential. Health coverage helps pay for significant medical costs, prescription drugs, and emergencies. Health Net actively commits to providing affordable, quality healthcare for underinsured and uninsured individuals.

Currently, there are 204 hospitals and about 44,000 medical staff members. Here is an overview of the different locations where Ambetter plans are available.

When is the 2024 Ambetter Enrollment Period?

 Enrollment Period Dates: The enrollment period for new health coverage begins on November 1st 2023, and ends on January 31st 2024. The last day to enroll for coverage in 2024 is January 31st.

Coverage Start Date: To ensure your coverage starts on January 1, you must make your first premium payment before the coverage begins. Enroll before December 31st is also a requirement. After that, your health coverage starts on February 1st.

Qualifying for Special Enrollment: If you miss the enrollment deadline, Individuals may qualify for special enrollment if they experience events such as losing a job that provided coverage, having or adopting a baby, getting married or divorced, moving outside a service area, or having a major income change.

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2024 Ambetter PPO Plans (Through Covered California)

 If you prioritize having the freedom to choose your healthcare provider while keeping the cost in check, Ambetter PPO plans are the right option. With an Ambetter PPO plan, you can select your primary care physician (PCP) from their network and get care from specialists without needing a referral from your PCP. The network is customized to suit your needs.

However, if you visit a doctor who is not part of the PPO network, you may have to pay a higher deductible or co-insurance as a plan member.

The Healthnet PPO plan has cheaper premiums than Blue Shield, but the hospital network is very small, Contact us at Skyline Benefit if you have questions about which suits you better.

Here are some of the Ambetter PPO plans:

Some people qualify for extra help paying for their health services. The additional benefit comes from Silver-level plans that are called Enhanced Silver.

2024 Ambetter HMO Plans (Through Covered California)

 If you value a consistent healthcare cost and prefer a familiar doctor to manage your care, then Ambetter HMO plans may be the right choice. Under this plan, your primary care physician (PCP) is responsible for referring you to specialists and facilities within the Ambetter HMO network as needed. It’s important to note that this plan covers no out-of-network services except for emergency care, urgent care, and Health Net-approved services.

Here are some of the Ambetter HMO plans:

2024 HealthNet Health Plan Types

 Ambetter Platinum and Gold Plans: If you require frequent medical care, these plans offer various options and are highly recommended. The Ambetter Platinum and Gold Plans are excellent choices due to their high monthly premiums, low copays, and no deductibles – all of which make them stand out from the rest of the Ambetter plans.

Ambetter Silver Plans: These plans come with moderate premiums, deductibles, copays, and copayments. If you seek medical attention occasionally and want a good balance between your monthly plan premiums and the cost of care, Ambetter Silver Plans are a great choice. Additionally, Ambetter offers a special Silver plan called the Ambetter HMO Enhanced Silver Plans.

Ambetter Bronze Plans: If you rarely visit the doctor but want protection in case of an emergency, these plans typically offer lower monthly premiums but entail higher out-of-pocket costs when receiving care. Choose the Ambetter Bronze Plans for such circumstances.

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