Many health care services do not charge for treatment. Even sometimes, they just cost nothing at all. You will get entitled to receive preventative care benefits related to the policy if you consider buying insurance plans in Covered California. Always remember, treating illnesses early or preventing them altogether is way more affordable in the long run!

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All the members enrolled in this plan can qualify for regular vaccinations and annual wellness exams, including checking cholesterol, blood pressure, depression, and many sexually transmitted infections. Even aged persons over 50 can examine colorectal cancer through it! These are free services to help you treat problems at the initial stage. Check out our Facebook page for more details on this aspect!

Particular risk factors, like Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, can lead to additional benefits if needed. People in their 40s or older are eligible for free generic statin prescriptions. Also, you can get screenings and counseling for several health reasons, like diet, obesity, alcohol, and many more, with the help of Covered California.

Additional features of the health insurance plan include:

Women’s Health Benefits

Women can have a few additional advantages, like cervical cancer screenings and mammograms for women over 4o. You may not know that many contraceptive methods get covered with this plan, such as hormonal birth control, barrier methods, and intrauterine devices (IUDs). Another feature is that nursing mothers can qualify for breastfeeding support and equipment not to compromise the health of their newborns!

Coverage for Children

Kids can qualify for free dental coverage with the help of parents’ health insurance, like exams, X-rays, cleanings, and sealants. They will also receive vision tests and pediatric vaccinations for free. Also, the newborns receive hearing screenings. You will be glad to know that-

  • Toddlers between 18 to 24 months receive autism screening
  • Children up to three years are eligible for developmental screenings
  • Kids up to age 17 can receive help for behavioral assessments.

It can also help you and your family with financial risks. Click on our Instagram page for a better understanding. However, do not forget that state law has ordered Californians to have health insurance or get ready to bear a significant penalty unless they are eligible for exemption.

In a Nutshell!

Covered California is the best health insurance you must choose to secure your future! So when you need help during the enrollment procedure, consider contacting our independent health insurance agent. Stay in touch with our Twitter page to collect more details!