According to the health report from Oscar, “1.1 million members across its platform, which equates to 1 in 13 ACA exchange-based enrollees.” Besides, they announced it would exit the Arkansas and Colorado markets for the plan year 2023.

Covered California Recently added Oscar Insurance for California residents looking for healthcare coverage. This insurance is unlike the traditional options because it is a well-funded startup looking to disrupt health insurance. They aim to simplify the complicated and hectic health insurance experience for people.

We have presented this blog to allow you to take a deeper look at facts on Oscar Health Insurance and the benefits it offers to members. Here you go!

oscar insurance

Who’s Behind Oscar Insurance?

In 2012, Josh Kushner, Kevin Nazemi, and its CEO Mario Schlosser co-founded Oscar. And it is through their restless effort that the company has raised $327.5 million in venture capital.

Their company website says they are on the mission to bring value and quality back to American healthcare. You probably do not know that it is the first company built “for consumers in the new world of the Affordable Care Act.” They strive to create more comprehensive tools and plans that save you time. Also, the customer service of Oscar Insurance will give you a peaceful experience. This insurance is available in California, New Jersey, Texas, and New York.

What Features Make Oscar Different From Others?

Oscar builds a bridge between Silicon Valley technology and design and traditional health insurance. A co-founder of Oscar first launched this idea to take technology, data, and design and make this insurance process transparent to understand.

This innovative idea designed this platform so beautifully that it looks more like an innovative social platform than a health insurance platform. The Oscar team is proud of building an infrastructure that offers faster and more efficient services than incumbent health insurance companies. But these are only parts of the equation. Oscar needs to have viable healthcare plans to compete with already available plans. However, if you still need physical guidance, you may rely on us because we are a trusted health insurance agent aiming to give you sufficient support. You may also visit our Facebook page to know.

Oscar Insurance breaks its features into three primary buckets. Theses are:

  • Better plans
  • Better healthcare
  • Better experience

You will be glad to know that Oscar plans a range of facilities, including free doctor visits, free routine care, and free generic drugs. Most plans incorporate as many visits to your primary care physician, OB/GYN, mental health doctor, and services like pregnancy screenings, flu shots, lab tests, and more free of cost. The rest demand minimal co-pays.

This aspect alone makes Oscar stand ahead of its competitors. Oscar makes it incredibly simple, while many other insurance companies charge small co-pays (like $15-$30). So, if you enroll in these insurance plans, you can have peace of mind because of these advantages.

Do you know Oscar also offers telemedicine as a standard feature of all plans? Yes! In an interview, Kushner shared one of his experiences. Once he had a scratch on his throat and phoned his doctor. And then immediately got a prescription for amoxicillin within a minute after answering a few questions from the doctor. This incident moved him, and he thought of adding telemedicine to Oscar Insurance to help the patients in emergency.

The Customer Experience of Oscar

In short, their customer service gets widely appreciated. It is possibly one of the best options in the healthcare industry when talking about the member experience. A study shows that Oscar has a 97% satisfaction rate with a high net promoter score.

This insurance policy attracts a different clientele! And its members tend to be more tech-savvy and affluent. Remember, Oscar currently has only 5,000 members in California. Now it will be interesting to see if their consumer ratings continue to be higher or not!

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this blog has been helpful to know Oscar Insurance better and its secrets on how it can benefit you in every aspect. You can also contact us directly to sign in to this plan or collect more details. Visit our Twitter page to get the latest updates or read a few more blogs to explore more!