Original Medicare offers a foundation for covering healthcare expenses for many seniors. Unfortunately, it is incapable of covering everything! You probably do not know that elected Original Medicare beneficiaries may face surprisingly high out-of-pocket costs for uncovered services. The AARP report shows the truth regarding Medicare Beneficiaries’ Out-of-Pocket Spending On Health Care.

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However, this blog will help you know what gets covered by Original Medicare at a Medicare Insurance Agency and the strategies to expand your advantages to avoid high out-of-pocket expenses.

Average Costs and Coverage for Original Medicare at a Medicare Insurance Agency

Do you know the areas the original Medicare includes? Generally, it comprises two coverage areas known as the different parts of Medicare- Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Part A covers hospital and long-term care costs, including hospicare and skilled nursing facilities. On the other hand, Part B comprises doctor’s services, such as outpatient treatments, physician visits, and preventative services.

Medicare recipients still find themselves responsible for some of their coverage charges though they are with both parts of coverage. A Medicare report in 2017 shows that seniors paid the following costs associated with their insurance:

  • $1,316 deductible for long-term nursing facility or hospital before starting Medicare Part A coverage
  • Up to $658 daily copay for extended stays with Part A coverage
  • $183 deductible for outpatient appointments and physicians with Medicare Part B insurance
  • Almost a 20% copay for every covered Medicare Part B appointment

At the Medicare Insurance Agency, Original Medicare offers some coverage. But seniors still face Medicare out-of-pocket expenses on insured services. A study shows that the average Medicare patient paid $5,460 for their medical care in 2016.

Explore the Lack of Coverage with Original Medicare

Original Medicare comprises both hospital and medical services. But many beneficiaries still expect it to handle all their medical costs. Unfortunately, it is not possible yet! On several aspects, Original Medicare falls short. Some of the crises of Original Medicare are given below!

Prescription Drug Coverage

You probably know that Medicare Part A and B do not cover prescription medications. A report said that seniors in excellent health with only Original Medicare paid around $400 on prescriptions in 2016. And the people with multiple chronic conditions and poor health paid more than $1000. Unfortunately, cancer patients spend a minimum of $1000 filling one prescription. Though beneficiaries are still responsible for some of the cost of their medicines, Medicare Part D offers prescription coverage.

Dental, Vision, and Hearing Care

As a reputable Medicare Insurance agency, we always strive to make people get the best service from their coverage and insurance plans. However, daily checkups like dental, vision, and hearing are vital for healthy aging. But, you cannot get this facility in the Original Medicare. Beneficiaries with Medicare Part A and B must bear these costs out of their budget. If you want more info, check our Facebook page.

Long-Term Care

Medicare Part A provides coverage for long-term care like hospital stays, hospicare, skilled nursing facilities, etc. However, this coverage can be lower depending on the length of the stay.

How to Avoid Out-of-Pocket Expenses? 

Here are tips to follow!

Expand Your Advantages

First, you should expand your coverage. You probably do not know that Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans offer more benefits than Original Medicare. Besides, they offer the same benefits as Original Medicare and provide more services. In this case, you can add vision, dental, and hearing services, expand your prescription drug coverage, and more.

Review Your Coverage Annually

You can also avoid these unexpected out-of-pocket expenses by reviewing your coverage annually. Every year, Medicare holds the Annual Election Period (AEP) from October 15 – December 7. During this phase, you will have an option to review your coverage and make changes to your existing plans according to your current requirements as a Medicare beneficiary. Do you have any confusion? Check out our Twitter page.

Wrapping Up!

So hopefully, you have understood how to avoid out-of-pocket expenses while enrolling for Medicare coverage. However, you may contact our trusted Medicare Insurance Agency and hire certified agents for thorough guidance. We make sure you get the utmost benefits of this insurance plan without incurring hassle. For more details, visit our Instagram page now!