Are you buying health insurance plans in 2022? If you answered yes, you should explore the regulations, rules, and ways to get coverage. Otherwise, this process will seem quite stressful and tedious for any person. However, this blog will help you understand the latest changes and information in the Covered California health insurance policy. So, stick to it till the end and collect all necessary information related to the process.

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In this regard, the following description will help you explore the new aspects of this insurance policy. For more detailed information, you may also visit our Twitter page. Keep scrolling down to learn more!

The Health Insurance Subsidies Remains Expanded

Californians will be glad to know they will keep receiving more help paying for health insurance. The American Rescue Plan has helped millions of Californians in 2021. Also, people around the country lower their premiums through health insurance subsidies. And this change will remain intact through 2022, saving many people hundreds to thousands of dollars on their premiums. Check out our Facebook page for more info.

No Increase in Tax Penalties for Health Insurance 

In California, every insurer must have coverage or bear a tax penalty (if they do not qualify for an exemption). For 2022, the penalized Californians will have to pay a minimum of $400 per dependent child and $800 per adult. A four-membered family without coverage will owe a minimum of $2,400. So, be careful about this aspect while enrolling for Covered California.

Exemption from Surprise Medical Bills

Who loves to get surprised by an unexpectedly expensive bill? Here, consumers can protect themselves from high medical expenses through the help of the No Surprise Act. From January 1, 2022, this new law offers more protections under specific circumstances. This act is bliss for the people who get scared of the sky-kissing bills and step back from the health insurance policies.

Any Time Access to Enroll for Low-income Families

Generally, there is a specific time for enrollment. But now, people below 150 percent of the federal poverty level or ineligible for Medi-cal can apply for Covered California any time of year. Meaning there will not be any particular deadline for special enrollment. If you need more details, visit our Instagram page or contact us directly.

In a Nutshell

As a trusted independent insurance agency, we ensure you get a comprehensive guide while enrolling for Covered California. Our certified agents will be there throughout the process to mitigate any complicated method. So, contact us now or leave a comment below for more details.