The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed the entire world and given a realization that how uncertain the life can be. At the same time, people are realizing the importance of maintaining good health insurance.  The rising cost of medical expenses and a high rate of unemployment, many Californians are running behind their medical insurance bills.  However, in any cases, you would be better off to be under-insured than uninsured.

Oscar Health is a health insurance company that employs technology, design, and data to humanize health care. Founded in New York in 2012, the company currently offers Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plans in the following counties in California:

  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • San Francisco County
  • Santa Clara County
  • San Mateo County

Benefits of Oscar’s EPO Plans

  1. Lower Rates

Oscars’ EPO insurance rates are generally lower than other types of health plans. As Oscar contracts with specific doctors and hospitals in a network, Oscar’s EPO plans provide lower rates compared to PPO plans.

  1. Direct Access to Specialists

With Oscar’s EPO plan, members are not required to get a referral from their primary care physician (PCP) before seeing a specialist. However, the specialist must be in-network.  The ability to see a specialist without a referral is a major advantage of Oscar plans in California.

  1. Doctor on Call

With all of Oscar’s insurance plans, you can talk to a real doctor virtually within a few minutes.  Just fire up an app on your phone and talk to a board-certified doctor and have your prescription sent to the nearest pharmacy immediately.  Best of all, there is no copay for this service.

  1. Emergency Care

Although Oscar’s EPO insurance does not let you see out-of-network healthcare providers without paying out-of-pocket expenses, they can receive emergency services from doctors or hospitals that are out-of-network.  Oscar plan members can see any doctor or hospital in the case of an emergency.

Oscar Health Network

Network-LA & OC 2020

Network-San Francisco 2020

Next time you want to get a quote from Oscar Health or have questions about Oscar’s EPO plan or network, give us a call. Skyline Benefit is an elite Oscar insurance broker, and we can help you find the most suitable plan for you. Call us at (714) 888-5116 or schedule a meeting by clicking here.