Health insurance plans cover a great variety of medical services. When you choose health insurance, it’s significant to ensure that you’re getting all the required medications or services under your plan. This way you won’t end up paying more money than you actually should. Dependent on the services you get and your plan’s details, it may pay the whole bill, a part of the bill, or totally nothing. If you are looking for a quality and reliable insurance plan, opt for Oscar Insurance.

oscar insurance

Covered California has now added Oscar Insurance for California occupants looking for proper healthcare coverage. Oscar Insurance is different from traditional options as it’s a well-funded start-up looking to disrupt health insurance. They are here to make your health insurance experience easier.

Now, let’s have a look at Oscar Insurance and find some unknown factors about it.

The Person Behind Oscar Insurance

Oscar was founded by Josh Kushner, Kevin Nazemi, and Mario Schlosser in 2012.

As mentioned on their website, they’re on a mission to bring quality and value to American healthcare. Their health insurance is created for clients interested in the Affordable Care Act. They’re dedicated to making more comprehensible plans, tools that’ll save you time, and offering customer service in order to make your experience easier. Now, Oscar insurance is available in California, Texas, New Jersey, and New York.

Why Oscar Health Insurance Is Different From Other Insurance Plans?

Oscar is actually a bridge created between new Silicon Valley technology and design and conventional health insurance.

It’s a wonderfully-designed platform that looks more like a highly developed social platform than an insurance platform. They have made an infrastructure that’s faster and more well-organized than in-office insurance agencies. But design and infrastructure are just parts of the equation.

The benefits of Oscar insurance can be broken down into three primary buckets:

  • Better plans
  • Better healthcare
  • Better experience

Unlike traditional insurance agencies, some Oscar plans include free generic drugs, routine care, and doctor visits. Most insurance plans include several visits to mental health doctors, OB/GYN, primary care physicians, and some free services like pregnancy screenings, lab tests, flu shots, and more. The rest of them have co-pays.

On a Final Note

People willing to get Oscar insurance can contact a reliable Covered California storefront and certified agency like us. Professionals like us can also guide you and help you know more about these insurances. From our Facebook page, you can know more about us.