Small businesses should be cautious of many insurance scams.  Due to the nature of the insurance business, the opportunities for hoaxes are limitless.

Therefore, while buying small business health insurance, pay specific attention to insurance requirements related to worker’s compensation, autos, health, and workplace accidents.

Types of Small Business Health Insurance Fraud

From purchasing health insurance coverage to receiving care, fraud can occur at any step of the health insurance method.

Here are some of the most common types:

  • Medicare/Obamacare Fraud
  • Ambulance Fraud
  • Community Mental Health Fraud
  • Medical Identity Theft
  • Offers Of Discount Plans And Cards (often fake)
  • Marketing Scams
  • Equipment And Supply Coverage Fraud

How to Defend Yourself Against Small Business Health Insurance Scammers?

The insurance industry is an industry based on the distribution of risk.  Still, it’s a necessity for small business owners.

It shields against the losses that can exterminate them, the employer’s fees, vehicle, property insurance, agents, and other people.

Therefore, be ready for any circumstances and deal with the fraud.

In most cases, agents have endless occasions to cheat both insureds and insurers.

The fraud: Many premium frauds, false death claims, settlement check divisions, the creator of fabricated policies, and false statements framed by the agents and underwriters are there.

Even if you think that you have hired a reliable insurance company, still there are subtle ways to defraud you:

  • Sliding is a term that describes the dishonest practice of agents packing schemes with extra coverages. Sometimes these are strange and unneeded by the insured individual.
  • Churning is a situation where the agent convinces a client that he can provide additional coverage to ‘build up the value of the original policy. The truth is that additional insurance can be costly.
  • Twisting is where the agents replace policies with the new people. Thereby they are earning more commissions for first-year premiums.   

The flaw: Insurance solicitors can be very promising, and their jargon very mind-bending.  Small businesses face insurance fraud when the owners fail to understand what they are getting.

They sign the contracts and agree to purchase something that has blank spaces.  Most people forget that the charming agent is looking out for their benefits rather than his own.

The fix: If you are thinking of investing in small business health insurance, You should rely upon caution and vigilance. Tell the agents clearly, “I am not getting this. I won’t buy it.” We have heard about these situations many times from our clients. So, we advise you to ignore such agents if they sound too good to be true.

Protect Yourself from Health Insurance Frauds

We recommend you find a reputable health insurance broker who can help you shop around.

Know Your Rights

Do not give your information over the phone.  Instead, you can request an official letter in the mail.

Secure the details of your medical files.

Secure Your Identity

Never share your personal information like social security number or insurance policy number.

If you work with us, we will always ask you for something necessary to fill the form of small business health insurance. We understand that you are working hard to secure your business and protect your employees with small business health insurance plans.

Here are some fraud examples:

  • Getting the bill for a service that you have never hired.
  • Receiving calls about a medical debt that you are ignorant of.
  • Noticing unknown medical charges on the credit reports.

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