Medicare Advantage special needs plans (SNPs) are designed to provide specialized coverage and coordinated care for individuals with chronic medical conditions or specific health situations. These plans cater to the unique needs of eligible Medicare beneficiaries, offering extra benefits tailored to their requirements. 

At Skyline Benefit, we specialize in guiding individuals through the intricacies of Medicare options, including Medicare Advantage plans and Special Needs Plans (SNPs). As independent Medicare brokers, we ensure that you receive personalized attention and comprehensive support at every step of the way.

Types of Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans?

In 2023, 19 percent of all Medicare Advantage enrollees are in special needs plans. There are three types of Special Needs Plans (SNPs) available:

Dual-Eligible SNPs (D-SNPs)

D-SNPs, or Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plans, are designed for people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. These plans bring together the benefits and support of both programs to provide more seamless healthcare. They work with state Medicaid programs to coordinate benefits for individuals who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. D-SNPs are the most common type of special needs plan, making up 62 percent of SNPs in 2024.

Chronic Condition SNPs (C-SNPs)

Chronic Condition Special Needs Plans (C-SNPs) are tailored insurance plans for people with chronic medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, end-stage renal disease, and respiratory disease. Some C-SNPs also cover conditions like chronic mental illnesses, dementia, and HIV/AIDS.

C-SNPs may focus on a single chronic condition or cover multiple conditions depending on the plan. The main goal of C-SNPs is to offer a more personalized approach to healthcare, ensuring that individuals with chronic conditions receive the necessary resources, expertise, and support to manage their health effectively

Institutional SNPs (I-SNPs)

Institutional Special Needs Plans (I-SNPs) are specialized healthcare plans designed to provide comprehensive coverage for individuals who require institutional-level care or reside in institutions such as nursing homes. 

These plans also cater to individuals who need nursing care at home. I-SNPs play a crucial role in coordinating care between a member’s primary care provider and the care team at the institution or home. They also encompass services provided by nurse practitioners who monitor and oversee the care of individuals in nursing homes. 

How Do I Qualify for a Medicare Special Needs Plan?

To be eligible for Medicare Advantage special plans, known as Medicare Advantage SNPs, you must reside in specific service areas and be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B. 

These plans are tailored to meet the needs of certain individuals, so meeting their eligibility criteria is essential. However, it’s worth noting that even if you meet these requirements, an SNP may not be accessible in your location. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure you fulfill the following criteria:

– Enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B.

– Reside within the service area covered by the Special Needs Plan.

– Meet the specific eligibility criteria targeted by the Special Needs Plan.


At Skyline Benefit, we are committed to being your long-term advocate in navigating Medicare Special Needs Plans. Our personalized approach ensures that you receive the optimal coverage for your healthcare needs, both now and in the future. With our ongoing support and annual reviews, you can rest assured that your Medicare plan will continue to meet your evolving healthcare requirements.

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