Health insurance is beneficial when a person faces a medical emergency. It aids you in paying the hospital bills, and you can avoid worrying about arranging the money and using the fixed deposits. It’s one of the crucial gifts you can buy for yourself or your loved ones this Christmas and New Year. This blog will show you how to celebrate the festive season with Covered California Plans.

Covered California Plans: Why Should You Invest In It?

Before we jump right into Covered California health insurance plans, let’s begin with relevant information about Covered California itself.

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a “Obamacare” or ACA) was passed with a mission to provide affordable health insurance to all Americans. Therefore, to accomplish the goal, one crucial evaluation that Obamacare took was to generate ACA health insurance marketplaces or health exchanges. It’s the one-stop shop where Americans can select a wide array of standardized, government-regulated health care options. Eligible people also get subsidies that lower the cost of health plans through health exchanges.

The states have the permission to run their local exchange, use the federal exchange (aka, or take part in multi-state relations. States that run their own interaction can customize multiple elements by providing a flexible time frame when the residents can sign up for a plan.

Hence, several states came forward to operate their own state exchange and have continued this policy till today. California is one of those states.

California’s Health Insurance Scenario: Then vs Now!

The California health insurance exchange is also popularly known as Covered California. From their official website, collect more information about Covered California Plans.

As of February 2021, more than 1.5 million Californians have enrolled their name in ACA coverage. The estimate states, between 2013 and 2019, the percentage of Californians who went uninsured decreases from 17.2% to 7.7%.

However, the people who cannot enroll their names in Covered California plans are:

  1. Ineligibility due to their immigration status.
  2. Qualified to buy health insurance plans but weren’t eligible for subsidies.
  3. Eligible for Medi-Cal but didn’t bother to enroll.

Therefore, the Covered California health insurance policy is the best and most successful state exchange out there.

Covered California

The California Health Insurance Exchange

Covered California is the place where eligible people throughout the suburbs can buy suitable subsidized ACA plans. The Covered California open enrollment period for 2022 has already begun. It ends on January 31, 2022.

Lucky you- this sign-up window is longer than the time offered on the federal exchange.

In true health insurance fashion, each step will get trickier than you expect. So, you might need help. Multiple people navigate through websites, calculating their incomes, ensuring if they are suitable for subsidies, and acknowledging the essential documents to prove their income, citizenship, or identity.

Oftentimes, working with Skyline Benefits makes the whole process simpler and faster. Don’t worry, though; you will still buy Covered California plans at the same price. You can visit our Twitter to see what our clients are talking about.

Covered California Plans: Things You Need to Know for 2022

1. Plan Prices Are Rising (A Little)

“Last year, California plan rates increased by a record low .6% on average. This year, insurers have proposed an average increase of 1.8%, but how much costs actually increase is subject to approval by state regulators.” – the words of a health insurance broker.

2. More People Are Eligible For Financial Aid

Thanks to California’s financial aid and American Rescue Plan for American middle-class residents. Here they have the opportunity to save more on health insurance.

3. The Tax Penalty is Back

Yes, you should stay aware of that. Along with the benefits, any Californians left uninsured in 2022 will face a penalty. The amount will depend on your family size and:

  • How many uninsured people are there in your family
  • How old each of them is
  • The tax filing threshold of your house
  • Your family’s gross annual income

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